1-1 or one-to-one Shadow Work coaching is where a facilitator works with you alone. The other method is group work as used in Shadow Work weekend workshops.

Shadow Work coaching can take place in person or online via video call.

The in-person 1-1 session usually takes between 4 and 5 hours. If the coaching is online, it can be done as one session but is often separated into 2-3 sessions over a few days or weeks.

Whether it is in-person or online, we’ll begin by getting clear on your goals, what you want to accomplish relating to your issue.  Then we build your issue symbolically and experientially, discovering and stepping into parts of you, experiencing what energies are found in each part and allowing for any emotional catharsis. 

There will be times of stepping back and viewing the symbolic scenario objectively and moments of choice and deep inquiry.  We may help you to step in and experiment with energies and aspects of you that have become difficult, allowing you to test new ways of being.