Shadow Work

Shadow Work is a deep-dive personal development process

Deep-dive process

Shadow Work is a powerful experiential method for exploring your inner mental and emotional world, allowing you to rediscover hidden parts of yourself and shift patterns which no longer serve you.

It can be an intense and incredibly rewarding journey creating profound shifts in behaviour, spirit, attitude and emotional well-being. This is carried out by highly trained facilitators in a slow, safe and deliberate way.

It may be time to think about Shadow Work when we feel stuck in a pattern, unable to be our true selves or incapable of being fully free and connected with ourselves or others.

Explore the shadow

Our shadow is the collection of those parts of ourselves that we hide, suppress and deny either consciously or unconsciously. These are attributes, behaviours or feelings which we learned didn’t fit in with the way those around us expected us to be. These can be things we see as ‘negative’ but there are also ‘positive’ parts of ourselves that we have exiled because they were too risky to show. We may have hidden our assertiveness, our confidence, our joy for life.

We can spend a lot of energy keeping things hidden in shadow and run out of energy for other areas of our life. We may find ourselves missing some of the more valuable aspects of the shadow. We may find there are aspects of our behaviour over which we have no control, these will be in found in the shadow.

Reap rewards

Discover and build on lost strengths and powers
Regain control over parts of you
Reclaim confidence and self esteem
Dip into the shadow for blocked or lost energy
Make changes in your life
Move on from old patterns of behaviour
Connect better with yourself and others
Express and release emotions
Come to terms with something
Find happiness, peace and fulfilment
Feel more whole

Meet us

We are passionate, qualified Shadow Work coaches working for The Shadow Practice, The Ayurveda Practice and UpReach.

Kate Siraj

Shadow Work Coach & Group Facilitator

Kate discovered the beauty of Shadow Work through her own personal journey. She now finds it makes a powerful companion to her work as an Ayurvedic Practitioner, helping her clients heal physically, mentally and emotionally.

As well as her 15 year adventure with Ayurveda, Kate has experienced many years of the thrills and challenges of corporate life and motherhood, giving her a deep pool of experience to draw on.

Waqar Siraj

Shadow Work Coach & Group Facilitator

Waqar came across Shadow Work through his work with ManKind Project, finding what he believes to be the most authentic and natural process of personal change available.

Alongside Shadow Work coaching, Waqar is a leadership development and change consultant. In his personal life he invests his energy endeavouring to be a healthy father, husband, brother, son and friend. These experiences and his rigorous eye on his own development and shadow provides a rich source for his one to one coaching.


We have many happy clients, here's what they have to say


"I had the honour of attending a shadow weekend run by Kate and Waqar. They held a container for the participants in a way which allowed full safety for deep diving in this work. Their combined knowledge and ability to work effectively together as facilitator's was mesmerising. Their knowledge of the modalities and ability to differentiate between parts/support the process was exceptional. I have no hesitation to recommend Kate and Waqar as facilitators for Shadow Work. I am immensely grateful for what I have integrated following the vertical dive that I took and look forward to continuing this work on myself."


"Kate and Waqar were outstanding in their facilitation of the Shadow Work weekend. I felt completely safe, 100% trusting of their ability to hold me and the group, and I was humbled by their immense capacity to do this work with such skill and nuance."


“My Shadow work session was deeply transformational on many levels. I felt able to freely express myself and felt held in the beautiful space that had been set up as well as feeling held by the process. Standing 'next to' and sometimes 'facing head on to' aspects of myself was both daunting and liberating and speaking from my true power was indeed powerful. What a way to spend an afternoon! Highly recommend this to anyone looking to expand and grow.”


“Kate took me on a journey to discover my inner world, the voices, the characters, and how they interact. It was an incredibly reflective, emotional and empowering voyage of discovery and I am still learning from it. I highly recommend her pragmatic skills in facilitating this Shadow Work.”


“The session was immensely insightful. Kate is an incredibly understanding and pragmatic facilitator and I would highly recommend shadow work with her as a way to make time and feel comfortable enough to dig a little deeper to understand yourself better.”


"This was my first experience of shadow work. I felt safe in Kate and Waqar's very capable hands to go deep and expose my vulnerabilities. I came away having shifted significantly and am already noticing the transfer of learning to real life."

FC (80 years young!)

"That was amazing! One of the best most powerful thing I have ever done. You two were just perfect with your synchronicity, care enthusiasm etc! And all the participants. Unforgettable!"


"Kate and Waqar held us as a group from beginning to end of the weekend with integrity, insight and compassion. They created a deep sense of trust that resonated throughout our time together and allowed me to step in fully to do my work. I felt very supported and really noticed how much attention they paid to supporting each and everyone of us in the best way they could, keeping our autonomy and choice at the centre of it all. It was a
very powerful experience and I feel grateful to have had it."


"The only word for this weekend is 'transformational' - I came in with little expectations and no real 'thing' I wanted to work on, I was curious but knew little about shadow work. In a strange way, it was the perfect way to enter into the weekend. This is like therapy on steroids without having to do all the talking or thinking - it's a process. I didn't even know I needed, but have massively benefited from. My advice to anyone who's curious about shadow work is to 'go for it' - I can't think of 2 better people to be your guides than Waqar & Kate - such wise yet humble, empathetic, experienced and confident leaders - total game changer - sign up, you won't regret it!"

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