Group Shadow Work seminars are where we work together using the power of the group to explore areas in our lives which are holding us back.

As a participant, you will have the opportunity to do your own individual Shadow Work process as well as taking part in other experiential and learning sessions and supporting others in their work.

The seminars are just over 48 hours long and there are maximum 8 participants, 2 facilitators and 1 – 2 assistants.

Next Group Seminar in 2021

Timings: We are just comfirming the dates of our next seminar. It is likely to be in November 2021. Friday (3pm) to Sunday (5pm).

Location: Tenterden, Kent, UK.

Cost: £350 including all meals and refreshments except breakfast which is provided at the accomodation. Pre-booked walking-distance accommodation is available from £110 – £220 for the weekend including breakfast. You can also find your own accomodation to suit.

Please register your interest for this seminar by contacting us.